SPN statement on the attack on Ukraine

Standing firm together with scientists from Europe and the world, SPN affirms its solidarity with Ukraine and its people. Therefore, SPN would like to engage all Portuguese institutions and researchers in the help of Ukrainian refugees. In order to provide concrete support for Ukrainian colleagues, SPN urgently seeks for information regarding resources, services, possible open contracts/jobs or student fellowships.

Please send us any information for
Ukrainian Embassy in Portugal:
Digital Platform “Portugal for Ukraine”:
Digital Platform “Science for Ukraine”:
Resources at Scientific Institutions in the Lisbon Area:
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SPN is member of FENS and IBRO
FENS, Federation of European Neuroscience Societies
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IBRO, International Brain Research Organization
Next Conferences/Events
May 2023
12 - 13
MitoPorto2023: Mitochondrial physiology, redox biology, and genetics
University of Porto, Portugal
22 - 26
Course "Introduction to Circadian Biology and Medicine”
Faculty Medicine Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal (In person and remote option)
25 - 25
VI iBiMED SYMPOSIUM: From Fundamental Research to Clinical Practice
University of Aveiro

Abstract submission deadline:
April 15th
Registration deadline: May 12th
June 2023
16 - 17
Workshop on Novel Diagnostic Tools for Alzheimer’s Disease
Medical Sciences Department, University of Aveiro
Early bird registrations: May 17th
Abstract submission deadline: 5th May
22 - 23
3rd International Meeting of Portuguese Spinal Cord Injury Researchers
Centro de Reabilitação do Norte, Vila Nova de Gaia
Registration deadline: 31rd May
July 2023
8 - 11
16th European Meeting on Glial Cells in Health and Disease
Berlin, Germany
August 2023
5 - 6
ISN Satellite Workshop on Astrocytic Control of Brain Circuits and Behavior
ICVS, Braga (Portugal)

Early Bird Registration Deadline:
April 28

Regular Registration Deadline:
July 14
8 - 11
ISN ESN meeting 2023
Porto, Portugal

Apply for a talk in an ISN Young Members Symposium:
9 January - 15 February, 2023

Apply for ISN Young Scientist Lectureship Award:
9 January - 15 February, 2023

Apply for ISN Travel Award:
9 January - 15 February, 2023

Emerging Group Leaders Symposia:
9 January - 15 February, 2023

Submit an Abstract:
9 January - 31 March, 2023 (applicable only to non-award registrants)

Child Care Fellowship:
9 January - 31 March, 2023
Early Bird Registration closes:
30 April, 2023
September 2023
9 - 13
Granada, Spain
October 2023
15 - 19
World Congress of Neurology (WCN 2023)
Montreal, Canada
24 - 27
Champalimaud Research Symposium 2023
Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown, Lisboa, Portugal

Abstract submission deadline: 21/07/23
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